The Delhi-NCR real estate enjoyed a blissful year with some very ambitious projects seeing through their occupancy while some other revolutionary projects were announced. But this trend does not seem to be fading anytime soon with M3M announcing its smart township plan along the Dwarka Expressway in proximity to the airport. For the visionary smart city project, the brand has roped in prestigious Sweden based engineering consultancy companies Sweco AB, Urban Tech Sweden and Urban Systems urbs AB.

But what exactly is a Smart City?

Put simply, smart cities are a full-blown version of smartphones, functioning on an urban level, utilising the latest research and development to make life simpler and more comfortable. They are an answer to the regular problems faced by Indian residents with the help of greater technological interaction and intervention.

Regular activities like transportation, water, waste disposal, power distribution, healthcare and countless other routine tasks get a smart makeover for efficient governance and better utilisation of time, money and efforts. A smart city runs on insights driven by the data acquired from a network of sensors, cameras, wireless and IoT devices spread across the entire city.

M3M Smart City is dubbed to do much more than a regular smart city with its title of being India’s first climate-neutral city where best in class knowledge, technology and global practices align to create an eco-governance structure.

Why should it matter to you?

The ripples of the smart city revolution can be felt across the world from London to Barcelona, New York to Shanghai and countless other cities. India is also catching up with the trend, with the government undertaking to build 100 smart cities across the country. However, M3M Smart City does a fine job of distinguishing itself from the crowd. The 165 acre M3M township is scheduled to be built in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement to ensure that it learns from the present and is built for the future.

Apart from being a noteworthy step towards a sustainable future, M3M Smart City is also a good avenue for sustainable real estate investments in commercial properties and residential properties. Gurgaon in itself is a lucrative region for investors, given its proximity to the national capital, the influx of high net worth corporate individuals, the presence of state-of-the-art amenities and great recreational opportunities. The smart city project is a cherry on the cake for a region already bustling from a substantial inflow of money and minds.

The smart cities are also home to smart gains which is supported by data from other Indian smart cities like Kochi Smart City, GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) and Palava Smart City that have witnessed price appreciation of around 30-40%, giving life to their dull regions.

The M3M smart city, a mixed-use development project seeks to redefine the way we interact with technology, in an ethical, conscious and sustainable fashion- precisely what your future and the future of your investments should look like!

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