AIPL Joy Square is a prominent commercial project located in Gurgaon, offering an impressive range of features and a strategic location that provides a competitive advantage. Spanning over a vast area of 2.84 acres, it stands out as one of the largest commercial projects in the region, providing ample space for various commercial activities.

One of the key highlights of AIPL Joy Square is its strategic location. Situated at the intersection of a 150 m wide peripheral road and an 80 m wide sector road, it enjoys easy accessibility from multiple directions, making it highly convenient for customers and businesses alike. The project is also open from four sides, enhancing its visibility and prominence from all directions, which is a significant advantage in a bustling commercial hub like Gurgaon.

The building structure of AIPL Joy Square is designed to offer optimal functionality and convenience. With a G+9 structure that includes a ground floor and nine additional floors, it offers ample space for various retail, dining, and entertainment options. The project also boasts of three levels of basement parking and surface parking, providing ample parking space for visitors, which is a valuable asset in a commercial property.

The commercial offerings at AIPL Joy Square are diverse and comprehensive. The lower ground floor features a hypermarket, providing a one-stop shopping experience for customers. The ground and first floors are dedicated to high street retail shops, offering a wide range of options for businesses to showcase their products and services. The second floor houses a food court, restaurants, cafe, and retail shops, catering to the diverse dining and entertainment needs of customers. Additionally, from the third to the ninth floor, there are serviced residences, making it an ideal location for living and working, creating a unique blend of work and lifestyle offerings.

In summary, AIPL Joy Square is a well-planned commercial property in Gurgaon that offers a strategic location, impressive features, and ample parking space. With its vast area, excellent connectivity, and diverse commercial offerings, it presents a lucrative investment opportunity for businesses and investors looking to establish a strong presence in Gurgaon’s thriving commercial real estate market.

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